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Seasoned  Firewood
Kiln Dried Firewood
Gable End Shed

Would you like to get your car back in the garage before winter?

Order a storage shed now.

Cedar Storage Shed
Firewood Pricing

Seasoned       Green       Kiln Dried
             1/2 cord - $215                  1/2 cord - $195               1/2 cord - $270
             1 cord - $325                      1 cord - $275                  1 cord - $395
regency stoves and inserts
1960 East Main Rd.    Portsmouth, RI    02871
Steep Gable Shed
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Stop in for a rack of kiln dried firewood!!
Keep warm while it's chilly outside!!

Imagination Tower Display
25% OFF
Time to get the kids outside playing in the yard with a new playset!!
Hardwood Pellets Available

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