1960 East Main Rd.
Portsmouth, RI
Gable End Price List
Gable End Shed
  • One of our most popular and economical sheds.
  • Doors and windows can be placed on any of the walls.
  • Perfect for all of your storage needs.
HW Gambrel & Steep Gable Price List
  • These sheds have greater overall storage space allowing for a loft.
  • Doors and windows can be placed on any of the walls.
Steep Gable
Dormered Cape & Saltbox Price List
For more information on storage sheds or any of our products please call (401)-683-1017.
High Wall Gambrel
Dormered Cape
Saltbox Storage Shed
Custom Built Storage Sheds
  • All sheds are custom built.  We will be happy to aid in the design of your shed.
  • We are able to deliver most finished storage sheds; up to 10' x 20'.
  • We will install your windows, doors, or garage doors onto our sheds.
  • Whenever possible, we will match the color of the roof shingles on your house.
  • Our main goal is your satisfaction. We want every customer to be 100% satisfied.
  • Standard features, options, and site requirements can be found on next shed page.
custom built storage shed
steep gable end shed