Gazebos are a perfect addition to any yard.  They compliment any deck, pool, garden, or backyard setting.  You can enjoy your favorite book, entertain your friends, or relax while being sheltered from the sun. All gazebos are made of the highest quality materials and with a little care, will give you enjoyment for generations to come.
Design Your Own Gazebo
Gazebos come in a variety of sizes and styles.  They can be oval, octagon, or square.They are made from either wood or vinyl.  There are several roofing options: red cedar shingles, poly slate shingles or architectural asphalt shingles, that can be made in a variety of colors.  Cupolas, screen kits, benches, and electrical packages can be added.

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Vinyl Gazebos
Octagon Classic
Rectangle Victorian
Octagon Victorian
Octagon Majestic
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